Benchdog Construction Corp. was launched in 2005, and it has set out to distinguish itself in the following areas:

Design Implementation

Significant knowledge of architectural principles and construction practices ensures that our work will be superior to that of even the best general contractors. We work with the finest architects and designers in the city, and our reputation for quality and creativity defines us.

Superior Construction Practices

By using the best tradespeople, materials, and techniques, we strive to achieve zero-punchlist construction.

Project Administration and Management

Great care has been taken to ensure that Benchdog’s infrastructure is well-organized and carefully staffed. This guarantees that each project will be handled in a professional and efficient manner—thus enhancing information flow between our company and the client. We want each project to be run smoothly and for each client to be entirely satisfied with the experience they have with our company during the entire construction process.

Benchdog Construction Corp. and its staff stands by our work, and produces nothing less than quality we can be proud of.